Inclusive Youth Engagement for Sustainability

Learn how to support sustainable and global engagement in youth work. Find inclusive methods and guidelines from different European countries.


Learn more about Global Citizenship Education, Sustainable Development Goals, Inclusion, and Diversity in youth work.

Focus Topics

Learn more about the concepts of mobility, youth leadership and nutrition in educational work.


Find new methods, resources, and suggestions for youth work.

Take Action

Is your work encouraging young people to engage with sustainability and climate change? Find out with our Checklist!

the Project

About the project

Young people are going to be the generation most affected by climate change. Youth workers from four countries developed this platform, explaining Global Citizenship Education and offering methods and guidelines to encourage all young people for their sustainable engagement.

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our Identity

Who we are

We are organisations committed to global learning and sustainability.  With a network of experts and young people from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, and Romania, we created this project addressing youth workers’ needs.

Find interesting teaching concepts and materials for your youth work and & activities

Our toolbox aims to spread didactic concepts and materials on Global Citizenship Education within the context of the EU-funded I-Yes project.

The heart of this section is a collaborative database created in 2023 with various didactic methods and ideas on how to conduct your teaching events and activities. It gives everyone the opportunity to share their teaching methods and to jointly enhance the cause of Global Citizenship Education.

You are already experienced in the teaching of Global Citizenship Education and developed your own methods? Please share them through our database!

You can also find an overview of suitable didactic principles, tips on event and activity planning a variety of other valuable resources on the topic of Global Citizenship Education.

You want to share your ideas or feedback with us?

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