Young people are going to be the generation most affected by climate change. Youth workers from four countries developed this platform, explaining Global Citizenship Education and offering methods and guidelines to encourage all young people for their sustainable engagement. Read more below.

The overall goal of I-YES is to address young people outside of formal school settings and to foster their development as critically thinking global citizens.

We want to give youth workers an introduction to the concept of Global Citizenship Education and provide actors in non-formal education with methods and tools for their work with young people on the topics of climate justice and sustainability.

The Global Citizenship Education (GCED) approach enables youth workers to address young people from diverse social backgrounds and encourage them to become involved in global issues. The project goal is to achieve long-term change by raising awareness and fostering critical thinking about the issues of global justice and sustainability among a greater number of young people, who will learn to see themselves as “global citizens” and to take action.

In this project, we – four European partners from Germany EUFRAK and EPIZ), Romania (EuroEd), France (Roudel), and the Czech Republic (INEX), – all of whom are active in various fields of extracurricular youth work and equipped with a wide range of competencies.

We have jointly developed and published this online platform with materials and relevant information on the basis of the GCED concept. In addition to the project meetings (online and in person), there have been events to spread the news about the project and the platform to make it available to multipliers in the field on non-formal youth education.

The project started in February 2022 and is expected to end in late January 2024.